Different to on campus courses, online courses are 8 weeks in length. This shortened format allows you to take classes more frequently while focusing on fewer subjects at a time. You are never too far away from starting your next online course!

Academic Calendar

Term Dates

Fall 1 (FA1)


Aug. 7 – Oct. 1

Aug. 11

Break Week Oct. 2 – 6
Fall 2 (FA2)


Oct. 9 – Dec. 3

Oct. 13

Winter (JA)


Dec. 4 – Feb. 4

Dec. 8

Christmas Break Week Dec. 25 – 29
Spring 1 (SP1)


Feb. 5 – Apr. 1

Feb. 7

Break Week Apr. 2 – 6
Spring 2 (SP2)


Apr. 9 – June 3

Apr. 13

Summer (SU)


June 4 – July 29

June 8

Break Week July 30 – Aug. 5



Fast Facts

        1. Online courses are 8 weeks in length.
        1. Online language courses are the exception and span 16 weeks. Language courses will begin either FA 1 or SP 1 and end during the final week of FA 2 or SP 2.
        1. FA 1 courses will begin one week earlier than the Fall on-campus courses.
        1. The online Winter term (JA) will have 8 weeks of content, but span a total of 9 weeks due to a break week for Christmas.
        1. All student coursework must be completed within the 8-week term unless special circumstances have been discussed with professor.
        1. Students should plan for approximately 10 hours of coursework per week per 8-week course. The recommendation is to take two or three courses per 8-week term.
        1. Maximum course loads for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer remain the same. The maximum 19-hour course load for Fall or Spring can be divided between FA1 and FA2, or SP1 and SP2, which means students can take 3 courses in FA1/SP1 and 3 courses in FA2/SP2.
        1. Even though term lengths are shortened, each online course will count as 3 credit hours and will have typical tuition rates.
        1. The $250 internet fee is non-refundable after the first day of each semester. This fee is applied only once in the Fall and Spring, not for each Fall or Spring terms.
        1. Withdraw passing/failing date will be at the end of week 4 in each term.


Q: Will language classes be 8 weeks?
A: No, language classes (Greek and Hebrew) are the only exception and will be 16 weeks in length.

Q: Do 8-week classes cost more?
A: No, normal tuition fees apply, except for the additional non-refundable $250 internet fee paid once per semester.

Q: Will 8-week classes be less work?
A: No, each course is still worth 3 credit hours and will require that amount of work.

Q: How much time should I allow for course work per week?
A: For each course, you should allot approximately 10 hours/week.

Q: Why is the Winter semester (JA) different?
A: There will be one break week during this semester for Christmas.

Q: Will I be able to see course offerings for the whole academic year?
A: Yes, shortly! Check back soon.