BoyceConnellI want to thank you for your interest in what I believe is the most strategically designed program of training for worship leaders in the local church anywhere. The program was designed after speaking to numerous pastors and worship leaders about what the local church needs in the 21st century for worship. It has been designed around three prongs of training emphasis:

1) Theologically rich foundation – you will be a student of who God is and what He has done. You will survey the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation in Old Testament 1 and 2 and New Testament 1 and 2. You will study the major doctrines of the faith in Christian Theology 1, 2, and 3. You will study the history of the faith in Church History 1 and 2 and Baptist History. You will learn how to interpret the Scriptures in Biblical Hermeneutics. When you are finished with your degree, you will have completed one of the most rigorous and thorough theology preparation programs for worship leaders ever designed for undergraduate students. This will help you understand who God is and why He is worthy of worship.

2) Musically relevant application – you will be trained as a practitioner in 21st century worship music. You will learn the skills to lead a worship band that consists of today’s rhythm band instruments (piano, guitar, bass and drums). You will be trained to have strong vocal skills to lead worship vocally. You will learn Music Theory, Aural Skills, and Piano skills so you can read music, write music, hear music, and play music. You will learn to write worship music so you can give the church new worship songs to sing. You will learn the history of worship in the church in Historical Survey of Worship Music and how that worship teaches us to prepare for the future. You will learn the theology and philosophy of worship and music in the church in Intro to Worship and Worship Ministry in the Church. You can also learn the technology in use today in Worship Technology and the various instruments in use today in our guitar, bass, keyboard, and drum labs. In summary, you will learn the skills of a worship leader who can discern a local church’s “musical heart language” and teach that group of people to grow in their own worship expression to God.

3) Local church field experience – you will be placed in a partnering local church for worship experience and service all four years you are here through our Supervised Worship Ministry Experience program. We will help you connect with a local church that will become your church home in the area and a worship pastor that will become your friend and mentor. You will learn the “real life” experiences of worship ministry as you become part of one that is designed around the values and principles in which you are being trained. You will serve in a variety of capacities to learn the “ins and outs” of local church worship ministry, and receive relevant feedback to learn the areas of personal strength for ministry and areas in need of growth as you prepare to lead a worship ministry of your own one day. This will culminate in a Worship Internship and in Senior Seminar during your senior year in which you demonstrate the skills of worship leadership.
There are two degree plan options: Worship and Music Studies for those who wish to customize a portion of their training for the ministry; and Worship and Pastoral Studies for those men who believe that preaching may be a part of the future service.
It is a well-rounded and excited journey. I hope you will come join us in it. Please let me know how I can serve you as you finalize your decision and begin your journey.

That the church may worship,
Prof. Scott Connell