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Boyce College accepts College Board test scores for both CLEP and AP examinations. Please review the pages below to see which exams fulfill requirements for Boyce College.

CLEP Tests

AP Tests


Common Questions


What are some courses commonly transferred into Boyce College?

Boyce College regularly transfers in General Education Courses, some of which are:

  • EN101 English Composition I
  • EN102 English Composition II
  • MA111College Algebra
  • PH311 Introduction to Ethics
  • PS101 Introduction to Psychology
  • SP105 Intro to Public Speaking

What about my literature and other English courses?

Literature classes may come in as one of the Great Books classes (HU421 or HU422) but the student must take either HU421 or HU422 at Boyce. Therefore, any remaining literature courses must come in as literature electives. Great Books transfers must be approved by English and Literature Department

What about music courses?

All Music Courses must be approved through the Music Department.

What about teacher and elementary education courses?

All Teacher Education courses must be approved by the Teacher Education Department.

What science courses will be accepted at Boyce?

Science Courses Permitted: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

What about my general history courses?

U.S. History and World History will transfer in for HS161 or HS171, respectively. World Civilizations or History of Civilizations does not come in as Ancient Near Eastern History.


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