Church Search

Thinking about churches in Louisville? Whether you’re moving across the country or across county lines, you’ll soon be looking for a new local church. We love the church, and we want to help.

  • Map of Boyce in Louisville - Get a feel for Boyce’s location within Louisville.
  • Church Recommendations – Louisville has plenty of solid churches — long-standing churches, revitalized churches, fresh church plants, multi-campus churches, and small community churches. Boyce College doesn’t maintain a list of ”recommended churches,” but you won’t be lacking for recommendations. Our faculty, staff, and students love their churches and will share, invite, and recommend freely.
  • Required Church Internships - Some academic majors require church internships. Some of these churches will attend our Local Church Fair where you can familiarize yourself with your internship options (you can also seek out your department coordinator in advance).
  • Church Ministry Positions – If you’re looking for a full-time or part-time church ministry position, check out our Local Employment site to get started.