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The Humanities program operates on the assumption that the primary purpose of an education is to become fully human

Transfer students are able to transfer in the maximum number of hours earned from other institutions

Humanities students are prepared for a variety of graduate programs and for jobs that require both reasoning skills and people skills


Flatt’s job, as he sees it, is to link the what the Bible says about who we are, what we ought to think, and how we ought to live with the classics. “Grappling with these questions will be extremely enriching,” he said. “I am there to guide and curate this experience for our students, to introduce students to these great thinkers, and then to say, ‘Go now and dialogue with them.’”

Tyler Flatt, Assistant Professor of Humanities


Boyce College

Program of Study

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
General Studies 31
EN 101 English Composition I 3
EN 102 English Composition II 3
MA — Math Elective 3
PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PH 108 Worldview Analysis 3
PH 311 Introduction to Ethics 3
PH 321 Religion in the Public Square 3
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SP 105 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
Choose one of the following two courses:
SC 111 Principles of Biology and Lab 4
SC 121 Principles of Physical Science and Lab 4
Ministry Studies 6
CN 101 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
MS 105 Personal Evangelism 3
Biblical and Theological Studies 24
BL 111 Hermeneutics 3
BL 101 Old Testament Survey I 3
BL 102 Old Testament Survey II 3
BL 151 New Testament Survey I 3
BL 152 New Testament Survey II 3
TH 211 Christian Theology I 3
TH 212 Christian Theology II 3
TH 213 Christian Theology III 3
Major Studies 36
History 9-15
Literature 9-15
Philosophy 9-15
Minor 15
General Electives 18

Total Degree Hours


Prerequisite: CP 100 Cooperative Program 2 hours

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1. Major Studies

Students must take a minimum of 9 hours and a maximum of 15 hours in each of these three areas to meet their Major Studies requirement: History, Literature, and Philosophy, for a total of 36 hours. Students may transfer in courses to meet these requirements, or they may choose from the following Boyce College courses:
History: Courses numbered with a HS prefix.
Literature: EN 221, HU 421, 422
Philosophy: Courses numbered with a PH prefix.

2. Minor

Students must take a 15 hour minor offered through Boyce College. For available minors, see the “Programs of Study” section of the Boyce catalog. Each degree program lists “Requirements for a 15 hour Minor.” Students may enroll in any minor except Christian Worldview and Apologetics.

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible, interpret Scripture’s original meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations.

2. Students will be able to integrate systematic and historical theology into a larger biblical framework.

3. Students will be able to comprehend, interpret, discuss, and analyze written communication of various genres.

4. Students will be able to describe the history of civilizations and the forces shaping contemporary society.

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