In one word, that’s exactly what Boyce College is all about. Every class, textbook, and opportunity to learn focuses on giving our best back to God and His church.


Boyce’s unique combination of academic training and real world experience provides the foundation for your future ministry. Whether you’re called to ministry in South Carolina or South Korea, our curriculum has been designed to prepare you to serve in the world outside of the classroom.

What if you’re not called to pastor but to serve in student ministry or counseling? Unlike other Christian colleges that offer a wide variety of degrees in the liberal arts, Boyce College’s primary purpose is to prepare God’s ministers for the work of the church. You won’t spend an entire year studying algebra or a semester improving your bowling. Every one of our degrees is ministry-focused.

Whatever God may be ultimately calling you to do, He is first calling you to prepare. Therefore, we offer seven distinct degree plans. Each one is God-centered, relevant, and is tailored to a specific ministry area. Boyce College has the degree program that you need to prepare for your calling.

1. Students will be able to reason and solve quantitative problems from a variety of contexts (Quantitative Reasoning).
2. Students will be able to comprehend, interpret, discuss, and analyze written communication of various genres (Reading Intelligence).
3. Students will be able to develop and express ideas in writing across multiple genres (Written Communication).
4. Students will be able to prepare and deliver oral presentations that are clear, compelling, and which foster learning among their listeners (Oral Communication).
5. Students will be able to describe the history of civilizations and the forces shaping contemporary society (Cultural Literacy).
6. Students will be able to identify, evaluate, locate, use, and share information as appropriate for a given information need (Information Literacy).

With the exception of course CP 100, all courses and degrees at Boyce College are intended for transfer to other colleges at the discretion of the receiving institution.