The Teacher Education Program at Boyce College will equip you with the specialized knowledge, insight, and skills foundational for an effective ministry through teacher education at home and abroad.

margoA degree in Teacher Education will prepare you for the challenges of teaching and leading in the field of education, Christian ministry, and international missions.  If you want to serve as a teacher in the private school system, or on the foreign mission field, you will find Boyce’s Teacher Education Program to be the ideal place to receive professional teacher training.

Once you are enrolled in the Teacher Education Program at Boyce College you will have many opportunities to participate in missions and ministry in a global community. Integrated within the program is a fifteen-hour emphasis in teaching English as a new language. These very specific skills will prepare you to teach English to those from diverse backgrounds and cultures providing a unique gospel opportunity.

We have partnered with a like-minded evangelical university to offer our Teacher Education Program graduates a streamlined process for earning a Master of Arts in Teaching with a licensure program which will provide state certification in the areas of elementary, secondary, or special education.* This online program enables Boyce graduates to stay on our campus in Louisville, KY, while completing their studies. The entire program is designed to allow students to complete the baccalaureate and master’s degrees in as little as four years.

20130304_6951Boyce College’s Teacher Education Program is committed to providing the highest quality education based on the principles of God’s Word.  Boyce is distinguished by high academic standards, experienced faculty, and a rigorous curriculum.  We strive to train all of our students as servant leaders.

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The TEP Student Handbook serves as a guide for the teacher candidates of the Boyce College Teacher Education Program.  Through this handbook you will read and understand the mission, vision, and standards guiding the Boyce Teacher Education Program. Additionally, you will find program requirements and guides.


*The Boyce Teacher Education Program in SACS Accredited but not state certified. This means that students desiring to teach in the public school system must receive their Masters of Teaching.